Suit up!

Swim suit that is. Join us or other agua-holics in your area and hit the water! We love to swim, SUP, kayak, surf and whatever else gets our blood pumping and excited to be out in the wild. If you haven't found that one thing that has you passionate about making a splash, maybe we can help.

Here you will find information about a lot of the hobbies that inspire our members. Safety is always our number one goal with any activity. Respecting the water and the wildlife we are sharing it with is key to making the best memories out there. If there is something you're interested in that we haven't covered, let us know. It may be in the works and if not, we will get to work on figuring out when we can work it in.

Encouraging, inspiring, and educating are our biggest goals. More than 70% of this planets surface is covered in water. It's time to get out and explore. We hope to see you out there soon.