About Us

We are a group trying to navigate the tricky waters of balancing work and family life while getting out on the water any chance we can. Get excited, get your friend(s), and get out there! Hope to see you on the water and be sure to tag us in your adventures!

Let's introduce you to some of the groups officers:


I grew up in the water. My summers were spent with summer league swim, pool games, and using diving boards to blast water up to the clouds (or soak the guards on duty). When not at the pool, we would be out on the river attempting ridiculous tricks on kneeboards and wakeboards. I swam through high school but then lost interest in the monotonous back and forth. College I found water polo through old swimming friends which re-ignited the love for being in the pool. Post college, I went on hiatus from the water for a handful of years. Then Will (Aguaholic) introduced me to triathlons which drug me back into the pool. I took another break from the pool until recently when I decided to dive into open water swimming (or wild swimming). Excited to share all I know and learn with this group. Write up reviews of all the new gear acquired for the various undertakings and complete race reports. I have a whole list of new water related activities planned out to explore!


I love being on the water. Prefer to be riding on top of some water craft when I'm out there. Be it a sail boat, kayak, SUP, or tube. If I'm in the water, hopefully there is a rope in my hands and a board under my feet.